Just as any international scholarly symposium takes into account the magnitude of the benefits to be procured; in the same way does an organization consider the magnitude of its burden and responsibilities in sponsoring a symposium. Despite having an urban history extending more than eight thousand years, Turkey's scholastic and cultural city, Istanbul, is just now again opening to the world. Within the city of Istanbul lies Üsküdar, which while being the first part of the city to be introduced to Islamic civilization, has also played an exceptional role in preserving it and its atmosphere. Located within a city which has been the center of a mix and exchange of different civilizations, Üsküdar has observed all these events and changes with a cool, level head; and in doing so, has developed the identity of being a welcoming, safe haven to all who come to Istanbul. Today's universities, libraries, academic institutions, and cultural centers found in Üsküdar support its historical mission while also providing a lively atmosphere. This atmosphere provides the academic and artistic masters with the necessary tranquility required to come together and share ideas. The mission of Üsküdar's government is to lay the foundation for such possibilities and opportunities to take place in this region. As such, the Municipality of Üsküdar carries more than just the title of local government; it is also one of this symposium's most significant sponsors.

The leader in this symposium's realization, İlim ve Kültür Derneği (İLKE) (Society of Knowledge and Culture), was founded in 2010 in Üsküdar. Keeping both Islamic and humanitarian values in mind while striving to enliven them in society, İLKE desires to produce beneficial works which focus on influencing society in a positive direction. Stemming from how the issue of "Civilization "and its various relations play such a vital role in many academic circles, İLKE has found it necessary participate in its examination and discussion.

Today, within İLKE, the İlmi Etüdler Derneği (İLEM) (Academic Studies Society) has been the leader in both academic and intellectual fields for the last ten years, producing numerous works. Through its activities staged in Üsküdar and the experience gained through them, it has taken vital steps in becoming a credible academic milieu. With its years of producing works which focus on the ability to sustain the notion of civilization, İLEM will form an important part of the symposium for its intellectual additions in this field.

The "Understanding Civilization" symposium will therefore be an exposition where this scholastic milieu may come together and synthesize a productive understanding of civilization. Through the cooperation of the Municipality of Üsküdar, İLKE, and İLEM and the synergy of their limitless activities this symposium will be, just as previous cooperative works have been, both fruitful and successful.