Along with the symposium's main goal, another important goal is the remembrance of two valuable Muslim thinkers who left this world for the next life during 2012. The Algerian intellectual, Ahmed bin Bella, who opposed all forms of European states' colonial and imperial politics, along with Roger Garaudy, whose ideas about civilization have become very influential in the current Islamic world of thought. Due to their activities and works, they have become respected personalities throughout the entire Islamic world. As such, their names, to whose Maker we entrust, will be remembered during a special session during the symposium "Understanding Civilization" together with the ideals for which they strove. By doing so, we hope to highlight the Islamic world's richness in ideas and movements during the twentieth century. Bin Bella and Garaudy spent their entire lives striving both intellectually and through action. Their energies have already inspired, and will continue to inspire, countless thinkers during the twenty-first century who intend to approach the issue of "Civilization." As such, remembering these individuals will be a very significant action and service toward the legacy of their names and concepts.